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Главная » 2017 » Январь » 11 » Home sweet home
Home sweet home

The place we live


Topic vocabulary


Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs Prepositions

to live            

a house 




to stay

a flat




to describe

a kitchen




to shout

a toilet



in the middle 

to lock

a bathroom



in the corner

to cook

a hall




to wash

a sitting room



next to

to wash up

a dining room



in front of

to sleep

a bedroom




to eat

a study



far from

to read

a meal



on the left

to watch TV




on the right

to relax

a table




to share

a chair




to talk (to)

an armchair



on the wall

to chat

a sofa



at the wall


a wardrobe





a bookcase





a lamp





a desk





a wall





a fireplace





a bed





a picture





a TV set





a computer





a door





a window





a curtain





a mirror





a sink





a cooker





a fridge





a washing machine





a vacuum cleaner





central heating





a microwave





a carpet





the fire





a kettle





English homes.

       Many English families live in flats, but a lot of people live in their own houses. There are usually two floors in the traditional English house. There are also two or tree bedrooms, a living room (or a sitting room), a kitchen, one or two bathrooms and a hall there. The bedrooms and a bathroom are usually upstairs on the first floor. The sitting room, the dining room, the kitchen and a hall are downstairs on the ground floor. You can often see a bathroom upstairs and downstairs.

     The living room is usually the largest room in the house. There is always a sofa, a fireplace, a table, one or two armchairs and some chairs. There is often a carpet on the floor, which makes the room look comfortable. English people often spend evenings in armchairs near the fire. They read books, watch TV, listen to the music, relax and chat with their relatives and friends. 

       In England people like gardens. Little gardens with some trees and a lot of flowers can be in front of a house or behind it. You can often see roses and other flowers in their gardens. Sometimes next to the house there is a garage. 

       The English like their homes and they often say "There is no place like home" and " East or West, home is best."


Answer the questions.

Do all English people live in flats? Do some people live in houses? Where do English people live?

How many floors are there in an English house? Are there usually two or three floors in the traditional English house?

What rooms can we find in the traditional English house? How many bedrooms are there usually in it? What rooms are usually upstairs? What rooms are usually downstairs? What is there in the sitting room? And in the bedroom? In the bathroom? In the kitchen? 

What do people usually do in the living room? And in the bedroom? What do they do in the kitchen? Where do they relax? Where do they cook? Where do they sleep? 

Where can we find a fridge and a cooker? And a fireplace? Where do they usually watch TV? Where do they have special meals? 

Do you live an a house or in a flat? Which floor do you live on? How many rooms are there in the place you live? Do you have your own room or do you share it?





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