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Macmillan Scince and Technology (Unit6)


Карточки для запоминания






Немного видео с носителем по теме Технологии


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6 Positiveenglish  
Task 6. Fill in the gaps with the correct word .

1) The government has ___________no attempt to avert the crisis.
2) Hubble ____________ the conclusion that the universe was expanding.
3) Researchers now need to _______________ further experiments.
4) The ________is , he lost because he didn’t try very hard.
5) “Was he in a bad mood?” “No, as a ________ of fact, he seemed quite cheerful”.
6) Government scientists have ________ out extensive research into the effects of these drugs.

5 Positiveenglish  
Task 5. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition.

1. The book attempts ___ explain the origins of the war.
2. ____average, women live between five and seven years longer than men.
3. _______ the beginning I found it hard to concentrate, but now it’s much easier
4. I’ll be away for two weeks ______ the beginning of April.
5. The competition began ________ one of the teams being disqualified.
6. The date and time are shown ________ the bottom of your screen.
7. ________ conclusion, I would like to thank everyone who helped to make this event possible.
8. All meals begin _________ a short prayer.
9. Rachel was coming _______the conclusion that Leif was only interested in
10.She likes experimenting _______ different hairstyles.
11. This lab doesn’t experiment _______ animals.
12. He was paid money for a job that did not _______fact exist.
13.I haven’t been here long. ______ a matter of fact, I just got off the plane yesterday.
14.A school activity weekend gave me my introduction ________ sailing.

4 Positiveenglish  
Task 4. Fill in the gaps with the correct phrasal verb.

1. The car (stopped working)___________ just outside Winchester.
2. An investigation (is being done)_________ by the prison governor.
3. What if the plan doesn’t (succeed) ___________ ?
4. The party didn’t (develop) ___________ quite the way we hoped.
5. How’s the building work (making progress) ___________?
6. We may never (discover) ________ the truth about what happened.
7. Will you (stop using)______ the television _______, please?
8. The police are determined to (discover)______ who killed Louise.
9. What started out as an enjoyable holiday (changed) __________ a nightmare?
10.We’re working to (to reduce the number of) _______ the list of possible suspects.
11.The switchboard operator refused to (connect) ________ the call _______.
12.Then I realized I hadn’t (connected) the TV ____________.
13.Is that the best you can (think of) ___________?
14.Her father (prevented from) _____her______ without a penny.
15.When they die, plants (produce) ________gases such as carbon dioxide and methane.
16.You need to (find a solution how) the way to make the problem less stressful.

3 Positiveenglish  
Task 3. Fill in the gaps with the English equivalent of the Russian word.


1. My main (цель) __________ on this course is to gain confidence.
2. It rains a lot in the north, and that seems especially ( правдиво, характерно) ______of Cumbria.
3. Our new policies are designed to break down (искусственные)________ barriers to women’s advancement.
4. The (Причина) ________why so many people caught the disease is still not clear.
5. We are trying to (разработать новые методы) _______________ of pollution control.
6. An injury to the goalkeeper (заставила, явилась причиной )____________ him to limp off after ten minutes.
7. The students are learning new (пути ) _______ to communicate in writing.
8. There’s a message on the (автоответчик) ___________ for you.
9. The doctor’s report states that there is no (причины) ________for concern.
10.Our application was rejected, but the council gave no (причины) _________ for its decision.
11.The program helps you to (вычислить) _________ how much tax you have to pay.
12.The earthquake is the worst (природное ) ____________ disaster that Japan has experienced.


1. ( Эксперимент )__________is necessary to find a treatment that suits you.
2. Police are offering a substantial (вознаграждение) _____________ for information leading to the man’s capture.
3. Chaplin (придумал, изобрел)_________ his own unique style of comedy.
4. This is one of the most important archaeological (открытие) _____________ of the century.
5. There is clearly a need for further (исследование, изучение) on this topic.
6. The prize is (вручается) _____________ annually.
7. Checks are made to (обнаружить) ______________ whether applicants have a criminal record.
8. There has not been much (прогресс) ___________ on the border issue.
9. How can she afford to buy a brand (новую) __________ Ferrari?
10.The prize was a just (вознаграждение) __________ for all his hard work.
11.This small tree also (встречается ) _________________ in central and southern India.
12.We should replace the equipment with something more (современное) ______________.

2 Positiveenglish  
Task 2. Fill in the gaps.

1. He became very friendly when he d____________ that she was my sister.
2. His departure was c____________ for celebration in the village
3. We visit schools with the a______ of getting young people interested in the theatre
4. Students may apply for an a___________ for payment of fees.
5. All the ingredients we use are totally n___________.
6. The growers use both n___________ and a_____________ light.
7. Is there any w__________ of contacting you while you’re in Africa?
8. It’s one of the most time-saving devices ever i_____________ for cooks.
9. Our country continues to lead the world in scientific d_____________.
10.She teaches a lot of classes and doesn’t have much time for her own r_____.
11.The woman cannot be named for legal r____________.
12.You can learn and improve but you need n____________ talent.
13.They used to guarantee housing for all workers, but that’s no longer t_____.
14.Would it be more a_______________ to say that the plan failed?
15.Farming m___________ haven’t changed here for decades.
16.R___________ now need to conduct further experiments.


1. Could you explain your r___________ for choosing this particular course?
2. We went to the n__________ Tom Cruise film last week.
3. After graduation he was a__________ a scholarship to do research.
4. The media gave the world a f____________ impression of life in the city.
5. We need to clarify the a__________ and objectives of the project.
6. The town was severely hit by the decline in i___________.
7. The Antarctic ice cap is e_______ to contain 90% of the world’s fresh water.
8. I have no c___________ to question his integrity.
9. The storm c_________ widespread damage.
10.Users will be able to upgrade their m____________ as necessary
11.He c___________ that the proposal would cost 4 million a year.
12.Complications o___________ in only 5% of patients.
13.The thought of giving up never o__________ to me.
14.Keep me informed of the p____________ of the project.
15.We encourage our staff in their development of n_____________ skills.
16.These techniques are not used in m____________ medicine.
17.The architecture of the hotel is strikingly m______________.
18.You deserve a day off as a r___________ for working so hard.
19.Financial r__________ and promotion will be linked to performance

1 Positiveenglish  
Задания с сайта www.macmillan.ru

Task 1. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the word from the
list. You may need to use one word more than once.

Artificial           false           natural     true    accurate

1. The film is based on a ___________ story.
2. This cloth is made from ___________fibres.
3. Her ____________ instinct was to defend herself.
4. Lara never shows her _____________feelings.
5. The product contains no _____________colours, flavours, or preservatives.
6. The study shows that the ________cost of nuclear energy is much higher than most people think.
7. We need to get some more _______________ information.
8. The report was dismissed as totally ___________.

motor    aim   method   way   engine   machine

1. I love to watch the ________ she plays with the children.
2. Vaccination is one of the most effective __________ for preventing disease.
3. The pump is powered by an electric ______________.
4. It was a handmade rug produced by traditional ______________.
5. The committee is discussing new _______________ and means of improving profits.
6. The ___________ of this project is to help patients to be more independent.
7. Industrialization is the most important _____________ of economic growth
8. Sue showed him how to operate the _______________.
9. There are so many delicious ______________ you can prepare chicken.
10.The group was committed to achieving its _______ through peaceful means.
11.He criticized those who had turned politics into a money ____________.

calculate   estimate   electric   cause   reason   electronic

1. The _____________ equipment is to be delivered today.
2. The fire was _______________ by an electrical fault.
3. The major ______________ of these accidents is drivers going too fast.
4. He lived in a run down area in a house without _____________ light.
5. The police asked her the ______________for her visit.
6. We’ll need to _____________ the overall costs.
7. It’s difficult to __________the long-term effects of these changes in the law.
8. You need an ________________ socket as the battery is flat.
9. Joe’s father had good _______________ to be proud of him.
10.It’s difficult to __________________ the cost of making your house safe.
11.The ______ these cars are so expensive is that they are largely built by hand.
12.No one can imagine life without an __________________calculator 

invent    discover   discovery   research   experiment   progress   development

1. I’m worried about my son’s lack of ______________ in English.
2. The two men decided to ______________ the truth for themselves.
3. Recent _______ shows that babies in the womb can be influenced by music.
4. His work is mainly in software ________________.
5. William Herschel __________________ Uranus in 1781.
6. Government scientists have carried out extensive ___________ into the effects of these drugs.
7. __________ show that many plants tolerate a wide range of light conditions.
8. He ___________ the technique that allows scientists to examine DNA.
9. The award recognizes distinction in exploration, __________, and research.
10.Recently negotiators have made considerable _______________ in the talks.

factory   industry   award   modern   new   reward   occur

1. She works in a _______________.
2. She won the Player of the Year _____________.
3. Students who complete the course successfully will be ________ a diploma.
4. The programme examines the role of women in ____________ society.
5. _________ for appropriate behaviour can be successful in teaching children.
6. This product will bring rich __________ for its manufacturers.
7. _____________technology has had a huge impact on all of us.
8. These are just some of the elements that ____________ on our planet.
9. The part of _________ that involves the production of small goods, for example electronic equipment, is called light _____________.
10.They are going to build a _____________ office block here.
11.The __________ scheme could mean a whole new way of life for residents.
12.Police said the accident ______________ about 4.30 pm.

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